Sample live data


If your gauging system vendor has provided you with a UA Office Link project file then you can import the project into UA Office Link instead of configuring sampling tasks yourself. Please see the deployment guide for further details.

Profile Data

A third party OPC server is required to fill the database with live profile data. Suitable OPC servers provide profile data as OPC tags with a numerical array type.

The following example uses UA Office Link with OPC UA and ODBC connector to send profile data from the gauging system’s OPC UA server (here just called “UA Sample Server”) to the ODBC database.


( 1 ) An ODBC data source called “ProfileHistorian” is configured including one generic “Profiles” topic. Data sent to the ODBC connector’s generic topic will have the OBDC connector create matching database tables and fields automatically for whatever data is sent to the topic.

( 2 ) The gauging OPC UA server (here: “UA Sample Server”) provides profile data in the form of numerical arrays. In this example, each individual profile tag is sampled within a separate topic (“Profile1”, “Profile2”, “Profile3”) and each data array will be stored in a separate database table. This avoids database limitations regarding the maximum number of columns within a single table.

( 3 ) Right-click on an OPC UA profile topic (“Profile1” in the example), select “Send to” and move the mouse pointer towards “ODBC” and select “Profiles”. This will create a task to transfer data from the OPC tag within OPC UA topic “Profile1” to the database. The ODBC connector will create a table “U_Profile1” (the OPC UA topic’s name prefixed with “U_”) to store the data (repeat for other profiles).

Start the newly created task to begin the data transfer, then configure the newly created profile table as a source of profile data within the Profile Historian application.

For more information on how to configure OPC UA topics, please see the OPC UA Connector documentation.

For more information on how to configure ODBC topics, please see the ODBC Connector documentation.

Roll Report Data

If the OPC UA server provides roll report data consisting of one or more tags then create an OPC UA connector topic containing the tags and send the data to the “Profiles” generic ODBC topic in the same way as the profile data above. Before you can configure the Profile Historian to handle roll report data contained in the newly created table, you’ll need a suitable Roll Report Data definition file provided by your gauging system vendor. If none is available then please contact