First Start

Initial Activation

When you first start Profile Historian, you may begin a 30-day trial or — if you have purchased a perpetual license — you can enter your perpetual license account details. Your computer needs to be connected to the Internet to activate the license.


Activate Trial License

To activate a trial license, select “Activate 30 day trial license” in the dialog above, then press the Activate button. This will send an anonymous identifer for your application instance to our cloud server to register the trial license.

Activate Perpetual license

To activate the perpetual license, select “Activate perpetual license” in the dialog above, enter your account details, then press the “Activate” button. This will register the perpetual license of the application instance for your account.

Initial Configuration

After license activation, a configuration dialog is shown as described in the next section.

Change Trial License to Perpetual license

Once the trial license is activated you can choose to activate a perpetual license at anytime during the trial period by entering your account details and by pressing the “Activate” button.


Deactivate Perpetual license

To deactivate an activated perpetual license (for example for use on a different computer), enter your account details, then press the “Deactivate” button; this will unregister the application instance.