Dataristix runs on the following operating systems.

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 later

    When using the SOAP Connector: Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server version 1709 may require installation of .Net Framework 4.7.2 which is not included in the Dataristix installers.

    When using Windows Server Core then please see the headless deployment notes.

  • Microsoft Windows 10 or later

    When using the SOAP Connector: Windows 10 version 1709 or earlier may require installation of .Net Framework 4.7.2 which is not included in the Dataristix installers.

  • Linux

    Dataristix runs on Linux as a containerized application. Containers for x64 and arm64 architectures are available on Docker Hub.

Installer options

Installation Bundles for Microsoft Windows

The recommended installer for the first installation on Windows 10 or later or Windows Server with Desktop Experience is the “Dataristix Core Bundle”. This installer contains the Dataristix core service and application and all required Microsoft runtime dependencies. Additional connector services and application plugins can be installed separately. Launch the application and pick other modules by selecting menu item “Add Modules” to download installer packages.


Please visit the Dataristix download page to choose an installer or visit the Dataristix Download Index for Dataristix 2.

Individual installer packages for Microsoft Windows

The Dataristix Service, application, connectors and application plugins are available as individual installer packages. When selecting “Check for Updates” from the application’s main menu, then updated installer packages for installed modules are listed (if any). It is recommended to install all available updates at the same time.

Read more about modules here or see available modules in the Dataristix Download Index.

Containers for Linux

Containerized applications are pre-configured with a selected set of connector modules. Please see the instructions for Dataristix Containers at Docker Hub for deployment as a containerized application.

Browser shortcut

Some browers may offer to install the Dataristix browser client as an application with shortcut and application icon. Installing the browser client as an application has the advantage that no URL needs to be entered into the browser window to open the app with a single click on the icon.

Headless Deployment

Headless Deployment refers to scenarios where Dataristix Services are installed on a separate computer with the browser application connecting remotely. The operating system that hosts the services may be Windows Server Core or a containerized Dataristix instance on a Linux platform.

In the headless deployment and remote administration scenario, User Access Control should be enabled, and a proxy or load balancer with TLS termination should be placed in front of Dataristix to ensure that all traffic is encrypted.


Without TLS termination, credentials will be transmitted in plain text.