Range Processor

The “Range Processor” is installed with the Dataristix Application. The processor calculates the maximum, minimum and average of all input values. If all or part of the input values are one-dimensional arrays then the summarized values are calculated over all array elements of the input values.

If any input value is of “uncertain” quality then the output values will also be of uncertain quality.

If any input value is of “bad” quality then all output values will also be of bad quality.

Add to Task

Add the “Range Processor” to a task by dragging it from the “Build” panel onto the task’s “Task Builder” panel.



Select the “Range Processor” item in the “Task Builder” panel to view its properties.

You can change the following properties:

  • Topic
    The title of the “Range Processor” as it appears within the task builder.

Press the “Apply” button to commit your changes.


The following example shows a task that transfers data from OPC UA to an ODBC database with the maximum, minmum and average values for “Ramp1”, “Ramp2” and “Ramp3” stored into the database.