The Power BI Connector is designed to send data to Microsoft Power BI via “streaming datasets”. Within the Power BI Connector, streaming datasets are defined by “Topics”. Each topic holds a streaming dataset’s “Push URL” (a string obtained from Microsoft Power BI itself); data is sent to this URL in UA Office Link “tasks”.

The Power BI Connector topics do not contain tags or dataset fields. Instead, add a topic to a task and connect any tag originating from an input connector (for example, from an OPC UA or ODBC connector) to the Power BI topic. This will generate required data paths to send data to Power BI.

Once the task is configured, review the names of the tags connected to the Power BI topic and ensure that the Microsoft Power BI streaming dataset is configured to receive corresponding tag names and data types. Starting the UA Office Link task will commence the data transfer. See the Power BI Examples for further details.