Add Tags

Tags are added to topics. Select a topic in the navigation panel of the main application and browse for tags in the “Tag Browser”. Select one or more tags and drag them onto the topic’s content panel.


Click on a single tag and expand the “Attributes” panel at the bottom of the “Tag Browser” to inspect a tag’s attributes.

Tag Settings

If the OPC Server supports it then you can configure deadband values for each tag.

Deadband values come into effect for the “Subscription” read mode only. An “absolute” deadband value means that the OPC server only reports data changes when the changed value exceeds the deadband value. A “percentage” deadband value applies to tags with EU range only; the OPC Server will report data changes when the value exceeds the specified percentage of the EU range.


Remove Tags

Remove tags by selecting a topic in the navigation panel, then select one or more tags to remove in the content panel, and finally click on the “Remove” toolbar button to remove selected tags.



Note that the tags are also removed from any task using the tags.