Spreadsheet Design Considerations

Opening a spreadsheet containing references to the RTD server will result in “N/A” cell values on computers without RTD server installed. Consider the following approach to share spreadsheets with colleagues once the spreadsheet is updated with a live value snapshot.

1. Create a separate sheet within the Excel document to contain all references to the RTD server. This spreadsheet is used as a staging area for live values.

2. Create other sheets presenting the data by internally linking cells from the live value spreadsheet: Select live value cells that reference the RTD server in the staging sheet and “Paste Link” into other sheets to present the data.

3. When it is time to share the Excel document, go to the staging sheet, select all (CTRL-A), copy (CTRL-C), then select “Paste / Paste Values” from Excel’s Paste menu. This will replace all RTD server formulas in the staging sheet with current cell values and the linked cells in other sheets will retain those values.

4. Save the document under a different name and keep the original document containing RTD server references for future use; share the saved document with colleagues.

The Excel document can now be opened on other computers without resulting in “N/A” cells.