Copy Live Data

Right-click on a connector topic and select “Copy Live Values (Excel RTD Server)” to copy live data. Any connector that can provide data may be used as a data source, for example the “OPC UA”, “ODBC” or “Stream” connector.


“Copy Live Values…” will place RTD server formulas for all tags within the topic onto the clipboard, ready for pasting into Microsoft Excel (if there are unwanted tags then you can remove them after pasting).

Goto to Microsoft Excel, click on a cell, and select “Paste” to paste the data links. In the example below the Excel Connector is configured to paste headers, tag names, tag values and local timestamps.


Timestamps may initially be shown in numeric form; right-click on a cell or column in Excel to change the cell format to Date or Time to display more readable date and time information.


Live value update notifications are sent to Excel at the topic’s configured sampling rate. Actual spreadsheet updates may run at a lower rate, typically two seconds, depending on Excel’s RTD “ThrottleInterval”.