Application Module

After installation, the Excel Connector appears as “Excel” in the UA Office Link main application.


The connector’s Real-Time-Data Server sends live values to Microsoft Excel and provides various options as shown in the image above.

Real-time data flow may be paused to retain the last values within spreadsheets referencing the RTD server. To pause the data flow, tick the “Pause live value updates” box; untick the box to resume updates.

The following data format options are available for copied live values:

  • Header
    Include Header information for the options below
  • Connector Name
    Include the name of the connector that sends the live values
  • Topic Name
    Include the topic name that contains the live values
  • Tag Name
    Include the tag name of the live value
  • Tag Timestsamp (local time)
    Include a timestamp in local time for the live value
  • Tag Timestamp (UTC)
    Include a timestamp in UTC for the live value
  • Tag Status
    Include a numerical value that describes the quality of the live value. This is aligned with status codes defined for OPC UA. A zero value indicates a good quality.
  • Tag Status Text
    Include a human readable translation of the tag status code (for example, “Good” for values of good quality).