Send Data


Channels are communication paths to the Cloud that may have different authorized users. Data is sent through Channels.

Add Channels

To add channels, click the “Add” button with the Cloud connector’s “Send” node selected in the main application’s nagivation pane.


Channels are write-only. Use channels in tasks to send data to the Cloud.

Channel Settings

For each channel you can configure:

  • Name
    The Channel name. The name appears in tag browsers for authorized users. If the site is end-to-end encrypted then the correct access key or password needs to be entered by the user before the user can decrypt the channel name.
  • Authorized Receivers
    Tick the users that are allowed to receive data from this channel. If no users are listed then configure users first.

Remove Channels

Remove channels by selecting “Send” in the navigation panel, then select a channel to remove in the content panel; finally click on the “Remove” toolbar button to remove the selected channel.



Note that channels are also removed from any task using the channel.