Receive Data


Topics are used to receive data from the Cloud. Topics are collections of Cloud tags that are sent through Channels to the Cloud from remote sites. Cloud tags become visible to authorized users once the sender has started a task sending data to Cloud Channels.

Add Topics

To add topics, click the “Add” button with the Cloud Connector’s “Receive” node selected in the main application’s nagivation pane.


Topic Settings

For each topic you can configure:

  • Name
    The topic’s name.

Tag Browser

Use the tag browser to explore available tags. Only tags from data sources that are currently active are available. A data source becomes active when a task is running (somewhere) that sends data through channels into the Cloud.

Remove Topics

Remove topics by selecting “Receive” in the navigation panel, then select one or more topics to remove in the content panel, and finally click on the “Remove” toolbar button to remove selected topics.



Note that topics are also removed from any task using the topics.