RTDC Function

Real-Time Data Cloud implements a custom function to address live data in the Cloud. The function is available in the Excel formula bar.


Parameters for the RTDC function are:

  • Site

    The name of the site sending data. If the data is end-to-end encrypted then this must be the actual name of the site, not the “disclosed” name visible before entering credentials (if different).

  • Channel

    The channel name containing topics.

  • Topic

    The topic name containing tags.

  • Tag

    The tag name representing a live value data point.

  • Property (optional)

    An optional property name related to the live value.

    • Timestamp

      Live value timestamp in local time

    • TimestampUTC

      Live value timestamp in UTC

    • Status

      Status code with a zero value meaning that the value is ‘good’

    • StatusText

      Translation of the status code into text ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’

    • Value

      Live value (the default if Property is omitted)