Browse available tags

After signing in, the “Control” button ( 1 ) will be highlighted and the “Browse” button ( 2 ) will be enabled:


Press the “Browse” button to look for available tags. An UA Office Link subscriber elsewhere must be sending data into the Cloud and must have configured you as an authorized receiver before you can see any tags.

When you first see available sites then a question mark may appear behind the site name. Hover over the question mark to see who the sender for the site data is. When you click on the site name then you will be prompted to confirm that you trust the sender.


Once trust is confirmed, click on a site name to view available channels for the site. If the site uses end-to-end encryption then you will be prompted for a password before your can access the site. The password must be provided to you by the data sender. Only channels that the sender has authorized you to access will be shown.


Click on a channel name to view available topics sent via the channel.


Click on a topic name to view available tags within the topic.


To receive live values for tags, check one or more tags, select a cell in the spreadsheet where to place live values, and finally press the “Paste Links” button.


After clicking the “Paste Links” button, you will be prompted to confirm pasting the links. Links will be placed into the currently selected spreadsheet cell and the following rows (one row for each selected tag). If the “Include plain text description” option is ticked, then site name, channel name, and topic name for each tag (in addition to the live data link) are also pasted into the spreadsheet and the pasted data will be four columns wide.


After a short while, live values will update in the spreadsheet. Note that the selected live value cell (”D1”, see image below) contains an “RTDC” function reference, passing site name, channel name, topic name and tag name as parameters. Instead of browsing for available tags you can also type the RTDC function directly into Excel’s formula bar. More about the RTDC function follows in the next section.



Instead of drilling down to channels, topics and tags to select and Paste Links, you can also select entire sites, channels or topics to paste links for all tags contained within.