Remote Services


The Stream Connector is deprecated and we recommend using the MQTT connector for inter-task and inter-instance communications.

Add Remote Service

Remote services point to Dataristix instances on other computers with Stream Service installed. To add a remote service with default settings, select “Remote Services” in the navigation panel and click the “Add” button.


Change the default settings of the remote service according to the Stream Server you wish to connect to.

( 1 ) Enter a name of your choice.

( 2 ) Change the remote service URL to the URL provided to you by the remote Stream Service administrator. If the stream service uses HTTPS then you can optionally accept invalid or self-signed certificates. Use this option for testing or in an otherwise secured environment only.

( 3 ) Change the security settings to the settings required by the remote Stream Server. For all but internally secured Stream services it should be “API Key”.

( 4 ) Test the connection to the remote service by pressing the “Test Connection” button.

Enter API Keys

After changing “Remote Service Security” to “API Key”, entry fields for the required App ID and secret keys become visible. App ID and secret key must be provided to you by the remote service administrator.


( 1 ) Enter or paste the provided App ID.

( 2 ) Enter or paste the provided secret key.

( 3 ) Test the connection.

( 4 ) Press the “Apply” button to commit the changes.

Remove Remote Service

To remove a remote service, select “Remote Services” in the navigation panel and the remote service you wish to remove in the content panel, then press the “Remove” button. You can only remove remote services that are not in use by streams. Remove or edit streams to no longer reference the remote service before removing it.