Remote Administration

Connect to other instances

Before trying to connect to a remote instance of Dataristix, ensure that the remote instance is configured for remote administration. To connect to a remote instance, select “File / Connect” from the main menu and enter the URL of the remote instance in the dialog.


Click on “Test Connection” to verify that the connection can be established, then click on “Connect” to add the instance to the navigation panel. You can add references to multiple remote instances. For “https” connections, the certificate of the remote server must be a trusted certificate.


Use of “https” is recommended. Credentials will be transmitted in plain text if “http” is used.

Add missing app plugins

In the example above, the Power BI connector shows an error. This may happen if the remote Dataristix instance provides services that do not have a corresponding app plugin installed. Click on the failed app plugin to view a link where you can download the app plugin installer.