Array Sequencer Processor

The “Array Sequencer Processor” is installed with the Dataristix Application.

The processor takes one or more array values as inputs and forwards elements within each array sequentially for further processing in the task pipeline.

The processor begins with elements at index zero. All input tag array values that have elements at index zero and all scalar tag values are forwared in the first step. The index is then incremented, and all tag values that have elements at the new index position are forwared. The cycle repeats until there no more tag values at the current index position. For example, if there is an array with 10 elements, then the index value will increase from zero to nine to process all elements within the array.

The current index itself is also forwarded with each sequential step.

Add to Task

Add the “Array Sequencer Processor” to a task by dragging it from the “Build” panel onto the task’s “Task Builder” panel.



Select the “Array Slice Processor” item in the “Task Builder” panel to view its properties.

You can change the following properties:

  • Topic

    The title of the “Array Sequencer Processor” as it appears within the task builder.


The following example shows a task that transfers array elements from the OPC UA Connector to the MQTT Connector. The “Array Sequencer Processor” is used to sequentially forward each element in the incoming “DoubleArray” to the JSON Encoder, which in turn packages the element value and index value into a JSON payload for processing by the MQTT connector. The MQTT connector will receive a separate message for each array element.